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Kylie Ann Minogue, OBE (born 28 May 1968) is an Australian pop singer, songwriter, and occasional actress. She rose to prominence in the late 1980s through her role in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours, before commencing her career as a recording artist in 1987.

Signed to a contract by songwriters and producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1987, she achieved a string of hit records throughout the world. Her popularity waned during the early 1990s, leading her to part company from Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1992. During the 1990s, Minogue distanced herself from her earlier work and attempted to establish herself as a credible and independent performer and songwriter. Her projects were widely publicised, but her albums failed to attract a substantial audience and resulted in the lowest sales of her career at the time. She returned to popularity as a pop artist in 2000, and became well-known for her elaborate music videos and expensively mounted stage shows. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, Minogue returned to performing and recording in late 2006 after a period of convalescence.

Although she was dismissed by some critics during her early career, she has achieved longevity as a pop icon. She has sold over 60 million records and 30 million singles worldwide,and has achieved her greatest successes in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and Latin America. She was awarded an OBE in 2008 "for services to music".

Early life and career beginnings
Kylie Ann Minogue was born 28 May 1968 at 11:00am AEST at Bethlehem Private Hospital in Caulfield South, Melbourne, Australia, the first child of Ronald Charles Minogue, an accountant of Irish ancestry and Carol Ann (née Jones), a former dancer from Maesteg, Wales. Her sister, Dannii, is also a pop singer, and her brother, Brendan, works as a news cameraman in Australia. Minogue attended classes at Camberwell High School in Melbourne with her younger sister Dannii.

Raised in Surrey Hills, a Melbourne suburb, the Minogue sisters began their careers as children on Australian television, and from the age of twelve, Kylie appeared in small roles in soap operas such as The Sullivans and Skyways, before being cast in one of the lead roles in The Henderson Kids. She gave her first singing performance in 1983, on the weekly music programme Young Talent Time which featured Dannii as a regular performer. Dannii's success in this program overshadowed Kylie's acting achievements, until Kylie was cast in the soap opera Neighbours in 1986. In Neighbours Minogue played Charlene Robinson, a schoolgirl turned garage mechanic. As stated in The Guardian, "[H]er appeal at first lay in her unapologetic ordinariness ... she played an oil-smudged mechanic with no desire to better herself. Charlene was happy to spend her life grappling with the intestines of greasy cars." A story arc that created a romance between her character and the character played by Australian actor Jason Donovan culminated in a wedding episode in 1987 that attracted an audience of 20 million viewers.

Her popularity in Australia was demonstrated when she became the first person to win four Logie Awards in one event, including the "Gold Logie" as the country's "Most Popular Television Performer", with the result determined by public vote.

Music career

1987–1992: Stock, Aitken and Waterman and Kylie

"I Should Be So Lucky" (1987) was one of the early music videos that presented Minogue as a "girl-next-door".During a Fitzroy Football Club benefit concert with other Neighbours cast members, Minogue performed "The Loco-Motion" and was signed to a recording contract with Mushroom Records in 1987. Released as a single, the Australian recording spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian music charts, and was the highest-selling single in Australia for the 1980s. Its success resulted in Minogue traveling to England with Mushroom Records executive Gary Ashley to work with Stock, Aitken & Waterman. They knew little of Minogue and had forgotten that she was arriving; as a result, they wrote "I Should Be So Lucky" while she waited outside the studio. The song reached number one in the UK and Australia and was a hit in many parts of the world. Her debut album Kylie, a collection of dance-oriented pop tunes spent more than a year on the British album charts, including several weeks at number one. The album did not sell strongly in the United States and Canada, although the single, "The Loco-Motion", reached number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, and number one on the Canadian Singles Chart. "It's No Secret", released only in the U.S., peaked at number thirty-seven in early 1989, and "Turn It Into Love" was released as a single in Japan, where it reached number one.

In late 1988, Minogue left Neighbours to focus on her music career. Jason Donovan commented "When viewers watched her on screen they no longer saw Charlene the local mechanic, they saw Kylie the pop star." A duet with Donovan, titled "Especially for You", sold over one million copies in the UK in early 1989, but critic Kevin Killian wrote that the duet was "majestically awful ... makes the Diana Ross, Lionel Richie "Endless Love" sound like Mahler." She was sometimes referred to as "the Singing Budgie" by her detractors over the coming years, however Chris True's comment about the album Kylie for Allmusic suggests that Minogue's appeal transcended the limitations of her music, by noting that "her cuteness makes these rather vapid tracks bearable". Her follow up album Enjoy Yourself (1989) was a success in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, Asia and Australia, and contained several successful singles (including the number one "Hand on Your Heart"), but it failed throughout North America, and Minogue was dropped by her American record label Geffen Records. She embarked on her first concert tour, the Enjoy Yourself Tour, in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Australia, where Melbourne's The Herald Sun wrote that it was "time to ditch the snobbery and face facts — the kid's a star." Rhythm of Love (1990) presented a more sophisticated and adult style of dance music and also marked the first signs of Minogue's rebellion against her production team and the "girl-next-door" image. Determined to be accepted by a more mature audience, Minogue took control of her music videos, starting with "Better the Devil You Know", and presented herself as a sexually aware adult. Her relationship with Michael Hutchence was also seen as part of Minogue's departure from her earlier persona; Hutchence was quoted as saying that his hobby was "corrupting Kylie", and that the INXS song Suicide Blonde had been inspired by her.

The singles from Rhythm of Love sold well in Europe and Australia and were popular in British nightclubs. Pete Waterman reflected that "Better the Devil You Know" was a milestone in her career and that it made her "the hottest, hippest dance act on the scene and nobody could knock it as it was the best dance record around at the time". When "Shocked" reached the British Top 10 in 1991, she became the first recording artist to place their first thirteen single releases in the Top 10. In May 1990, Minogue performed her band's arrangement of The Beatles's "Help!" before a crowd of 25,000 at the John Lennon: The Tribute Concert on the banks of the River Mersey in Liverpool. Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon offered Minogue their thanks for her support of The John Lennon Fund, while the media commented positively on her performance. The Sun wrote "The soap star wows the Scousers — Kylie Minogue deserved her applause". After recording a fourth album, Let's Get to It (1991), Minogue had fulfilled the requirements of her contract and elected not to renew it. She had expressed the viewpoint that she was stifled by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, and later compared the experience to her time with Neighbours, saying all they required her to do was "learn your lines ... perform your lines, no time for questions, promote the product".

1993–1998: Deconstruction, Kylie Minogue and Impossible Princess
Minogue's subsequent signing with Deconstruction Records was highly touted in the music media as the beginning of a new phase in her career, but the eponymous Kylie Minogue (1994) received mixed reviews. It sold well in Europe and Australia, where the single "Confide in Me" spent five weeks at number one, and subsequent singles, "Put Yourself in My Place" and "Where Is the Feeling?" were top twenty hits in the UK.

The music video for "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (1995) (left) was inspired by John Everett Millais' Ophelia (1851/52) (right).
The Australian artist Nick Cave had been interested in working with Minogue since hearing "Better the Devil You Know", saying it contained "one of pop music's most violent and distressing lyrics" and "when Kylie Minogue sings these words, there is an innocence to her that makes the horror of this chilling lyric all the more compelling". They collaborated on "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (1995), a brooding ballad whose lyrics narrated a murder from the points of view of both the murderer (Cave), and his victim (Minogue), and its success demonstrated that Minogue could be accepted outside of her established genre as a pop artist. It received widespread attention in Europe, where it reached the top 10 in several countries, and acclaim in Australia where it reached #2, and won ARIA Awards for "Song of the Year" and "Best Pop Release". Following concert appearances with Cave, Minogue recited the lyrics to "I Should Be So Lucky" as poetry in London's Royal Albert Hall "Poetry Jam", at the suggestion of Cave, and later credited him with giving her the confidence to express herself artistically, saying: "He taught me to never veer too far from who I am, but to go further, try different things, and never lose sight of myself at the core. For me, the hard part was unleashing the core of myself and being totally truthful in my music". In 1997, French photographer Stephane Sednaoui described Minogue as a combination of "geisha and manga superheroine". He began taking photographs of her that downplayed her glamour, with the aim of attracting a more diverse audience, and she drew inspiration from artists such as Shirley Manson and Garbage, Björk, Tricky and U2, and Japanese pop musicians such as Pizzicato Five and Towa Tei, with whom she would later collaborate on the singles "GBI: German Bold Italic" and "Sometime Samurai".

Impossible Princess featured collaborations with musicians such as James Dean Bradfield and Sean Moore of the Manic Street Preachers. Largely a dance album, its style was not represented by its first single "Some Kind of Bliss", and Minogue countered suggestions that she was trying to become an indie artist. She told Music Week, "I have to keep telling people that this isn't an indie-guitar album. I'm not about to pick up a guitar and rock." Billboard magazine described the album as "stunning" and concluded that "it's a golden commercial opportunity for a major [record company] with vision and energy [to release it in the United States]. A sharp ear will detect a kinship between Impossible Princess and Madonna's hugely successful album, Ray of Light". In the UK, Music Week gave a negative assessment, commenting that "Kylie's vocals take on a stroppy edge ... but not strong enough to do much". Retitled Kylie Minogue in the UK following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, it became the lowest selling album of her career. In Australia, Impossible Princess became her highest selling album since Kylie in 1988, with sales boosted by a live tour. In reviewing her show, The Times wrote of her ability to "mask her thin, often nondescript voice with musical diversity and brittle charisma and genuinely great pop songs by any standard", and a live album recorded during her tour, titled Intimate and Live, was successful in Australia. She maintained her high profile in Australia with live performances, including the 1998 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the opening of Fox Studios in Sydney in 1999, where she performed Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend", and a Christmas concert in Dili, East Timor in association with the United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces.

1999–2005: Light Years, Fever and Body Language

William Baker has cited the 1940s "Vargas Girl" pinups of Alberto Vargas as an influence, as demonstrated in the music video for "Spinning Around". (2000)Minogue and Deconstruction Records parted company and following a duet with the Pet Shop Boys' on their Nightlife album, she signed with Parlophone in April 1999. Her album Light Years (2000) was strongly influenced by 1970s disco artists, such as Donna Summer and Village People and included several songs written by Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams who imbued their lyrics with humour. New Musical Express wrote: "Kylie's capacity for reinvention is staggering" and summarised the album as "sheer joy" and "what she does best". It generated strong reviews for Minogue and quickly became a success throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, selling over three million copies worldwide. The single "Spinning Around" became her first number one in ten years, and its accompanying video, which featured Minogue in revealing gold hot pants, received widespread television airplay. "Kids", a duet with Robbie Williams, was also a substantial hit, peaking at number two in the UK charts.

In 2000, Minogue performed a cover version of ABBA's "Dancing Queen" and her single "On a Night like This" at the 2000 Sydney Olympics closing ceremony, an event watched by an estimated 2.1 billion people in 220 countries. Afterwards, she embarked upon a concert tour, On A Night like This Tour, which played to sell-out crowds in Australia and the United Kingdom. Her ticket sales in Australia exceeded 200,000 and set a record for a female artist. Her six initial planned shows were increased to 22 due to public demand. Minogue was inspired by the style of Broadway shows such as 42nd Street and films such as Anchors Aweigh, South Pacific and the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals of the 1930s. Describing Bette Midler as a "heroine", she also incorporated some of the "camp and burlesque" elements of Midler's live performances. The show featured elaborate sets, and Minogue was praised for her new material and her reinterpretations of some of her greatest successes, turning "I Should Be So Lucky" into a torch song and "Better the Devil You Know" into a 1940s big band number. She won a "Mo Award" for Australian live entertainment as "Performer of the Year". Following the tour she was asked by a Seattle Post-Intelligencer journalist what she thought was her greatest strength, and replied, "[That] I am an all-rounder. If I was to choose any one element of what I do, I don't know if I would excel at any one of them. But put all of them together, and I know what I'm doing." Fever, released in late 2001, retained some disco elements and combined them with 1980s electropop. It reached number one in Australia, the UK, and throughout Europe, eventually achieving worldwide sales in excess of 8 million. Its lead single "Can't Get You out of My Head" became the biggest success of her career, reaching number one in over forty countries.

Following extensive airplay by North American radio, Capitol Records released it in the United States in 2002.The album debuted on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart at number three, and the single reached number seven on the Hot 100. The subsequent singles "In Your Eyes", "Love at First Sight" and "Come into My World" were substantial successes throughout the world, and Minogue established a presence in the mainstream North American market, achieving particular success on the club scene. In 2003 she received a Grammy Award nomination for "Best Dance Recording" for "Love at First Sight",and the following year won the same award for "Come into My World". Minogue's former stylist and creative director William Baker explained that the music videos for the Fever album were inspired by science fiction films—specifically those by Stanley Kubrick—and accentuated the electropop elements of the music by using dancers in the style of Kraftwerk. Alan MacDonald, the designer of the 2002 KylieFever tour, brought those elements into the stage show which drew inspiration from Minogue's past incarnations. The show opened with Minogue as a space age vamp, which she described as "Queen of Metropolis with her drones", through to scenes inspired by Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, followed by the various personas of Minogue's career. Minogue said that she was finally able to express herself the way she wanted, and that she had always been "a showgirl at heart". During this time, Minogue began a relationship with the French actor, Olivier Martinez.

Her next album, Body Language (2003), was released following an invitation-only concert, titled Money Can't Buy, at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. The event marked the presentation of a new visual style, designed by Minogue and Baker, inspired in part by Brigitte Bardot, about whom Minogue commented: "I just tended to think of BB [Bardot] as, well, she's a sexpot, isn't she? She's one of the greatest pinups. But she was fairly radical in her own way at that time. And we chose to reference the period, which was ... a perfect blend of coquette and rock and roll." The show attracted mixed reviews, with the main criticisms being that nothing substantially new was presented, and that the new songs did not match the appeal of her previous hits. Despite this, the concert was made into a television special that drew high ratings. The album downplayed the disco style and Minogue said she was inspired by 1980s artists such as Scritti Politti, The Human League, Adam and the Ants and Prince, blending their styles with elements of hip hop. It received positive reviews with Billboard Magazine writing of "Minogue's knack for picking great songs and producers". All Music described it as "a near perfect pop record... Body Language is what happens when a dance-pop diva takes the high road and focuses on what's important instead of trying to shock herself into continued relevance". Sales of Body Language were lower than anticipated after the success of Fever, though the first single, "Slow", was a number-one hit. After reaching number one on the US club chart, "Slow" received a Grammy Award nomination in the Best Dance Recording category.

Minogue released her second official greatest hits album in November 2004, entitled Ultimate Kylie, along with her music videos on a DVD compilation of the same title. The album introduced her singles "I Believe in You", co-written with Jake Shears and Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters, and "Giving You Up". Both songs reached the British top ten, and with a tally of twenty-nine top ten singles, Minogue became the second most successful woman on the British singles charts, behind Madonna. "I Believe in You" reached the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play top three, and Minogue was nominated for a Grammy Award for the fourth consecutive year when the song was nominated in the category of "Best Dance Recording". Early in 2005, "Kylie : the Exhibition" opened in Melbourne. The free exhibition featured costumes and photographs spanning Minogue's career and went on to tour Australian capital cities receiving over 300,000 visitors. It was then exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in February 2007. Minogue commenced her Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour, which was intended to be the most extensive of her career, and anticipated a total audience of more than 700,000. The show was a success in the United Kingdom, however shortly after Minogue arrived in Melbourne to begin the Australian shows, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

2005–2006: Breast cancer
Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis in 2005 led to the postponement of the remainder of her Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour and her withdrawal from the Glastonbury Festival. Her hospitalisation and treatment in Melbourne resulted in a brief but intense period of media coverage, particularly in Australia, where the Prime Minister John Howard issued a statement supporting Minogue. As media and fans began to congregate outside the Minogue residence in Melbourne, the Victorian Premier Steve Bracks warned the international media that any disruption of the Minogue family's rights under Australian privacy laws would not be tolerated. His comments became part of a wider criticism of the media's overall reaction, with particular criticism directed towards paparazzi. Minogue underwent surgery on 21 May 2005 at Cabrini Hospital in Malvern. Friends such as Olivia Newton-John (who had overcome her own battle against the illness several years earlier) urged the media and fans to respect Minogue's privacy. Soon after, Minogue commenced chemotherapy as part of her treatment regimen.

Minogue issued a public statement, thanking her fans for their support and urging them not to worry. On 8 July 2005, she made her first public appearance after her surgery, when she visited a children's cancer ward at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital. She returned to France where she completed her chemotherapy treatment at the Institut Gustave-Roussy in Villejuif, near Paris. In December 2005, Minogue released a digital-only single, "Over the Rainbow", a live recording from her Showgirl tour. During the early months of 2006, media began reporting Minogue's upcoming projects and the general improvement in her health. In June 2006, she was reported to be recording material for a new album, collaborating with Scissor Sisters, Steve Anderson, Richard Stannard, Johnny Douglas, Ash Thomas, and Teddy Riley while also making preparations to continue her newly renamed Showgirl Homecoming tour.

Her children's book, The Showgirl Princess, written during her period of convalescence, was published in October 2006, and her perfume, "Darling", was launched in November. On her return to Australia for her concert tour, she likened her cancer battle and chemotherapy to experiencing a nuclear bomb, and expressed her determination to resume her career. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the United States, Minogue spoke of how her cancer had originally been misdiagnosed, and stated "Because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments doesn't necessarily mean they're right", but she later spoke of her respect for doctors.

Bronze statue of Kylie Minogue at Waterfront City, Melbourne Docklands.
[edit] 2006–2008: Showgirl - Homecoming Tour, X and KylieX2008

Minogue performing during her Showgirl tour (2005).In November 2006, Minogue resumed her Showgirl - Homecoming Tour with a performance in Sydney. She had told journalists before the concert that she would be highly emotional, and she cried before dedicating the song "Especially for You" to her father, a survivor of prostate cancer. Although her dance routines had been reworked to accommodate her medical condition, and slower costume changes and longer breaks being introduced between sections of the show to conserve her strength, the media reported that Minogue performed energetically, with the Sydney Morning Herald describing the show as an "extravaganza" and "nothing less than a triumph". The following night, Minogue was joined by Bono, who was in Australia as part of U2's Vertigo tour, for the duet "Kids", but Minogue was forced to cancel a subsequent planned appearance at U2's show, because of exhaustion. Minogue's shows throughout Australia continued to draw positive reviews, and after spending Christmas with her family, she resumed the European leg of her tour with six sold-out shows in Wembley Arena, before taking her tour to Manchester for a further six shows. On 31 December 2006, she saw in the new year with an extra sell-out show at London's Wembley Arena, where she was supported by ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again.

In February 2007, Minogue and Olivier Martinez anounced that they had ended their relationship, but remained on friendly terms. Minogue was reported to have been "saddened by false [media] accusations of [Martinez's] disloyalty." She defended Martinez, and acknowledged the support he had given during her treatment for breast cancer, commenting "He was always there, helping with the practical stuff and being protective. He was incredible. He didn't hesitate in canceling work and putting projects on hold so he could be with me. He's the most honorable man I have ever met."

Minogue released X, her tenth studio album and much-discussed "comeback" album, in November 2007. The electro-styled album included contributions from Guy Chambers, Cathy Dennis, Bloodshy & Avant and Calvin Harris. For the overarching visual look of X, including the music video for first single "2 Hearts", Minogue and William Baker developed a combination of the style of Kabuki theatre and the aesthetics originating from London danceclubs including BoomBox. The album was criticised for its subject matter in light of Minogue's experiences with breast cancer; she responded by highlighting the album's personal nature in comparison to her previous few albums, and saying "My conclusion is that if I'd done an album of personal songs it'd be seen as "Impossible Princess 2" and be equally critiqued." She later said, "In retrospect we could definitely have bettered it [the album], I'll say that straight up. Given the time we had, it is what it is. I had a lot of fun doing it."

In Australia and the UK, X initially attracted lukewarm sales, which were attributed to the single "2 Hearts", although its commercial performance eventually improved. In the U.S., where X was released in April 2008,it debuted outside the top 100 on the albums chart despite some promotion. Critics blamed the low sales on the choice of the single, "All I See", which was not tested in Britain, where Minogue has had much success. Minogue called the U.S. market "notoriously difficult ... [Y]ou have so many denominations with radio. To know where I fit within that market is sometimes difficult", although she did not rule out the possibility of returning to promote her music there. X was nominated for the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album, Minogue's fifth Grammy Award nomination.

In December 2007, Minogue participated in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway with a variety of artists,and later performed in the final of UK talent show The X Factor with the eventual winner, Leon Jackson, whose mentor was Dannii Minogue. From May 2008, Minogue promoted X with a European tour, KylieX2008, which is her most expensive tour to date with production costs of £10 million. Although she described the rehearsals as "grim" and the set list went through several overhauls, the tour was generally acclaimed and sold well, including in the UK, where it was reported that tickets for the eight shows scheduled sold out within 30 minutes of them going on sale.

It was announced in late December 2007 that Minogue was to be among those honoured in Queen Elizabeth II's 2008 New Years Honours list, with an OBE for services to music. Minogue commented "I am almost as surprised as I am honoured. I feel deeply touched to be acknowledged by the UK, my adopted home, in this way." She received the OBE officially from The Prince of Wales in July 2008. Shortly after, Minogue was voted and named as the Britain's Best Loved Celebrity by a tabloid newspaper. Also in 2008, Minogue won best International Female Solo Artist award at the 2008 BRIT Awards, and received the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in May, this being France's highest cultural honour.

On 15 September 2008 it was announced that Minogue will star at what is being touted as the most expensive private party ever staged - a £16 million ($35 million) soiree at a new luxury hotel in Dubai. British newspapers reported that Minogue will be paid £2 million ($4.4 million) to perform in front of 2000 guests at the opening of the Atlantis Hotel on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. On November 2008, Minogue continued with her KylieX2008 tour, taking the show to cities across South America, Asia and Australia. Making the tour Minogue's longest tour of her career clocking in at 74 concerts and 1 exclusive set. The tour was an overall success at the boxoffice with released boxscore totalling at US$34,000,000 for the 36 concerts for which data was made available. The ticket sales grossed over US$70,000,000. The tour ended in Minogue's hometown, Melbourne, on the 22 December.

2009-present: First North American tour and new album
2009 began with a new Parlophone remix album release worldwide, Boombox, after a preliminary release in Japan on 17 December 2008. It was released in Europe, Australia and the Americas in January and February. Minogue will be performing for the first time in her career in Poland, Portugal and Morocco in mid-2009. Among the release of the festival appearances it was announced that Minogue will embark on her North American concert tour, kicking off on 30 September in Oakland, California. The tour so far has nine planned concerts in the United States and Canada and will be promoted with a TV appearance by Minogue on 8 May on the Today Show. The concerts are planned to finish on 13 October in New York City. Minogue began work on her eleventh album. In an interview with Billboard she gave a few details about her next album: "It will be pop, dance, that's my thing ... I'd love to find a slightly new style, something that's the next step for me. I kind of have an idea but I can't really tell you. I'm working on it."

Film and television career
See also: Kylie Minogue filmography

Kylie Minogue and David Tennant in Voyage of the Damned.In 1989, Minogue starred in The Delinquents, which told the story of a young girl growing up in Australia during the late 1950s. Its release coincided with her popularity in Neighbours, and while both the film and Minogue's performance received poor reviews, it was a commercial success. She appeared as Cammy in the action film Street Fighter (1994), based on the fighting game series of the same name. The film received poor reviews by critics, with The Washington Post's Richard Harrington calling her "the worst actress in the English-speaking world".

She starred as Dr. Petra von Kant along with Pauly Shore in the 1996 movie Bio-Dome. Australian film director Baz Luhrmann cast Minogue in Moulin Rouge! (2001) where she played the part of Absinthe, the Green Fairy, singing a line from The Sound of Music. On 6 October 2001, Minogue duetted with Kermit the Frog of The Muppets in a special broadcast on British channel ITV, singing a version of her song "Especially For You". In 2002, she provided the voice Florence in the animated film The Magic Roundabout, released in 2005. She also sang the title song in the movie and was one of the two starring actors not replaced when the film was released in North America.

In April 2007, News of the World reported that Minogue had been cast as a 'sexy Cyberwoman' in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special episode entitled "Voyage of the Damned". This was denied by the show's executive producer, Russell T Davies, in the magazine Ariel, but a statement by Minogue indicated that she would be in the episode, but not as a villain as previously reported. It was officially announced by the BBC on 3 July 2007 that Minogue was to feature in the episode as Astrid Peth, a waitress on a spacefaring version of the Titanic, following rumours in the press and sightings of her filming. The episode aired on 25 December 2007, with 13.31 million viewers, the show's highest viewing figures since 1979.

Another television venture, The Kylie Show, was broadcast in the UK on ITV1 on 10 November 2007. The programme featured highly stylised set-piece song performances from Minogue as well as sketches showing her backstage, most notably ones featuring Jason Donovan failing to recognise Minogue, and a catfight sequence with her sister, Dannii. The show secured strong figures of more than 5,000,000 viewers. Minogue was also featured in the film documentary, White Diamond, which she made with friend and stylist, William Baker during August 2006 and March 2007. White Diamond documents Minogue's return to the world stage with her 2006 Showgirl Homecoming Tour. White Diamond premiered at Vue cinemas across the UK on 16 October 2007, with a DVD release in December 2007.

She has appeared in guest roles in television series such as The Vicar of Dibley and Men Behaving Badly in the UK, and Kath & Kim in Australia, which capitalised on her celebrity status and image for comedic effect. In the latter she played Kim's grown up daughter Epponnee-Rae on her wedding day (the episode is set in the future), alluding to her role as Charlene in Neighbours. She hosted the 2009 BRIT Awards on 18 February 2009 with James Corden and Mathew Horne. She will be starring in Blue, the biggest budget Bollywood film ever made, to be released in August 2009, for which she also recorded a song with A.R. Rahman.

Image and celebrity status
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Minogue's efforts to be taken seriously as a musician have sometimes been hindered by her high profile as noted by The Australian, who wrote in 1997, "[W]hen you have to lug around an image the size of Kylie's, it's difficult for any music you produce to match the hype—especially in a country that gives scant credibility to pop". Minogue is regarded as a gay icon, which she encourages with comments such as "I am not a traditional gay icon. There's been no tragedy in my life, only tragic outfits." While part of her appeal lies in her flamboyant costumes and her confident sexual posturing, she acknowledges the gay community throughout the world by performing at gay venues and events, and by openly supporting AIDS charities and gay rights causes. Her male dancers have often displayed overtly homosexual attire and attitudes. She has said that she believes gay fans responded to her apparent distress when the news media began heavily criticising her in 1989, and that those fans have remained loyal, explaining, "My gay audience has been with me from the beginning ... they kind of adopted me".

After playing the "girl next door" in her early music videos, Minogue began to touch on adult themes: a mature relationship in "Better the Devil You Know", lesbian posturing and drag queens in "What Do I Have to Do", telephone sex in "Confide in Me", and prostitution in "On a Night like This". She performed a slow strip tease in the Barbarella-inspired "Put Yourself in My Place" and wore revealing costumes in many of her videos, most notably "Spinning Around" and "Can't Get You Out of My Head". She satirised her image in the video for "Did It Again", in which the four major incarnations of her career, "Indie Kylie", "Dance Kylie", "Sex Kylie", and "Cute Kylie" battled for supremacy. Her evolving image and often overt sexuality led to some critical comparisons to Madonna. In 1993, Baz Luhrmann introduced Minogue to the photographer Bert Stern, notable for his work with Marilyn Monroe. Stern photographed her in Los Angeles and, comparing her to Monroe, commented that Minogue had a "similar vulnerability and awareness of the camera".

During her career she has chosen photographers who attempt to create a new "look" for her, and the resulting photographs have appeared in a variety of magazines, from the cutting edge The Face to the more traditionally sophisticated Vogue and Vanity Fair, making the Minogue face and name known to a broad group of people. Stylist William Baker has suggested that this is part of the reason she has entered in the mainstream pop culture of Europe more successfully than many other pop singers who concentrate simply on selling records.

Despite her commercial success, and her acceptance by a large audience as a contemporary sex symbol, her critics describe her willingness to display her body as an attempt to disguise a lack of talent. Her detractors, such as those discussed in the book La La La, have described her as a "one dimensional performer" and "pretty, but mindless and talentless". Miki Berenyi of the group Lush said "I have a massive problem with her because she epitomises the acceptable role ... it's a shame she gets so much credibility when there are so many women worth a hundred times that. It's war—you shouldn't stick up for Kylie, she should be fought at every turn". At the 2007 Q Music Awards, at which Minogue won the Q Idol Award, Ian Brown, former lead singer of the Stone Roses savaged Minogue, saying "I don't know what Kylie's doing at a music awards to be honest. I don't think she's cute. I don't think she's good looking. Her music's rubbish - she makes music for little kids. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm putting her down, but there's a lot of great minds out there making music and she's not one of them."

Minogue's parents, Ron and Carol Minogue, are actively involved in her career; her father, an accountant, is her financial advisor and her mother has joined her on each of her tours. She has been managed by Terry Blamey since 1987 and the close network, along with her Stock, Aitken and Waterman origins, have led to comments that she is "manufactured", an assessment which Minogue has admitted is partly accurate, saying, "if you're part of a record company, I think to a degree it's fair to say that you're a manufactured product. You're a product and you're selling a product. It doesn't mean that you're not talented and that you don't make creative and business decisions about what you will and won't do and where you want to go ... [U]ltimately, yes, it's my name and I have to deliver the goods. But it doesn't happen without a team. So I try and work with the best people I can and take from them what I can. Hopefully I enhance what they do as well". William Baker has described her status as a sex symbol as a "double edged sword" observing that "we always attempted to use her sex appeal as an enhancement of her music and to sell a record. But now it has become in danger of eclipsing what she actually is: a pop singer". In January 2007 Madame Tussaud's in London unveiled a new waxwork of Minogue. This is her fourth waxwork and only Queen Elizabeth II has had more models created. On 23 November 2007, a bronze statue of Minogue by sculptor Peter Corlett was unveiled at Melbourne Docklands for permanent display. The sculpture took 3 months to create with the assistance of a waitress with the same dimensions as Minogue.

Main article: Kylie Minogue discography
Kylie (1988)
Enjoy Yourself (1989)
Rhythm of Love (1990)
Let's Get to It (1991)
Kylie Minogue (1994)
Impossible Princess (1997)
Light Years (2000)
Fever (2001)
Body Language (2003)
X (2007)
11th Studio Album(2010)


Kylie Ann Minogue, OBE, (Melbourne, Australia, 28 de mayo de 1968) es una cantante australiana de música dance y electrónica, además de actriz, considerada por muchos como la sucesora de Madonna,[1] desde que se convirtiera en una superestrella a nivel mundial tras el impactante éxito de su álbum Fever (2001) y su arrollador hit Can't Get You Out Of My Head, que le valió dos premios en la entrega de los Brit Awards del 2002. La cantante ha vendido alrededor del mundo más de 65 millones de discos[2] y en el 2008 la reina Isabel II de Inglaterra le concedió la medalla de la Orden del Imperio Británico por sus servicios a la música, además es la única y primera mujer en ganar un MIT (Music Industry Trust), premio que se otorga a artistas que contribuyen a la música.
Biografía [editar]
Infancia y comienzos [editar]Nació el 28 de mayo de 1968, en Melbourne, Australia, en el seno de una familia dedicada al teatro, lo que le llevó en sus inicios a participar en varias series de la televisión australiana. Es la hija del contador Ron Minogue, la bailarina galesa Carol Jones, y es la hermana mayor de 3 hijos; su hermana Dannii Minogue también es cantante, y su hermano, Brendan Minogue, es un filmógrafo de noticias. Kylie atendió la Preparatoria Camberwell en Melbourne, Australia.[3]

Durante su infancia, junto con su hermana, aparecieron en varios programas. Su principal trabajo fue en la telenovela Neighbours, una de las de mayor éxito en aquel país. Su popularidad aumentó cuando ganó 4 Premios Logie, incluyendo el "Logie de Oro" por la Actriz de Televisión Más Popular.

Carrera musical en Stock, Aitken & Waterman [editar]Mientras trabajaba en esta serie, junto con otros miembros del elenco de Neighbours, realizó un concierto benefico en el Club de Fútbol Fitzroy, y le surgió la oportunidad de grabar el tema The Loco-Motion, tras cantar la popular tonada en el concierto, en Mushroom Records. El resultado fue tan bueno que editaron un sencillo que salió a la venta, y el tema permaneció durante siete semanas como nº1 de las listas australianas. Esto llamó la atención de los compositores y productores discográficos de Stock, Aitken & Waterman.

Después de firmar un contrato con los productores Stock, Aitken & Waterman, Minogue consiguió una cadena de éxitos a nivel internacional. Como resultado de la firma, Minogue grabó el sencillo de I Should Be So Lucky, otro importante nº 1 en Australia y también Reino Unido. Su siguiente trabajo se concentró en lo que se convirtió en su álbum debutante, Kylie. Éste álbum alcanzó el puesto nº1 de las listas en Reino Unido, Japón, Hong Kong, Eslovenia y Nueva Zelanda. Su siguiente éxito fue el sencillo Especially For You, un dueto con Jason Donovan. Éste sencillo elevó la popularidad de Minogue en totalidad, convirtiéndose en el primer sencillo que vendió más de 1 millón de copias en el Reino Unido.

Al siguiente año, aparece su álbum Enjoy Yourself, su segundo álbum. Éste álbum fue un éxito rotundo en Reino Unido, Hong Kong e Irlanda, donde alcanzó el nº 1 de las listas, pero fracasó en la mayoría de las listas de Estados Unidos, y pronto fue excluida del sello Geffen Records. El primer sencillo deste album fue "Hand On Your Heart" que alcanzó el nº1 en seis países.

En 1990 lanzó su álbum Rhythm Of Love, su 3º álbum. Éste decayó notablemente en ventas, vendiendo sólo la mitad que el álbum anterior. De acuerdo con su nuevo estilo, Minogue toma control de su imagen y pasa de ser una "chica inocente" a una adulta madura. Uno de los elementos influyentes en su cambio de imagen fue su relación con el cantante de INXS, Michael Hutchence. Los sencillos del álbum se vendieron muy bien en Europa y Australia, y fueron muy populares en Reino Unido. Cuando el sencillo de Shocked alcanzó el Top 10 Británico, se convirtió en la primera artista en poner sus primeros 13 sencillos en el Top 10.

Originalmente, el contrato con Stock, Aitken & Waterman era para tres álbumes, pero Minogue les convenció de lanzar un 4º álbum. Entonces, salió a la venta el álbum Let's Get To It en 1991. Este álbum no tuvo el éxito de los anteriores, y tampoco sus sencillos alcanzaron los Top 10 Británicos, pero tenía un muy buen toque musical, aún poniendo en los Top 5 de Reino Unido dos sencillos: If You Were With Me Now, un dueto con el cantante estadounidense Keith Washington, y su versión de Give Me Just A Little More Time.

Kylie Minogue sobrecargó las exigencias de su contrato, por lo que decidió no renovarlo. Señaló en varias entrevistas que desde su punto de vista, Stock, Aitken & Waterman la presionaban mucho, y comparó su trabajo con su tiempo en Neighbours, subrayando que lo que sus productores querían era que se «aprendiera sus letras, que las cantara sin preguntas, y que promoviera su producto». En sus fans aumentó la negación hacia la fórmula de los productores, y Minogue dejó a los productores Stock, Aitken & Waterman en 1992, también siendo oficialmente despedida del sello PWL. Pero antes, Minogue acordó con sus antiguos productores grabar tres canciones nuevas para su compilación Greatest Hits.

Firma con Deconstruction Records [editar]La popularidad de Minogue empezó a declinar a comienzos de los años 90, llevándola a separarse de la compañía de Stock, Aitken & Waterman en 1992. De su compilación de grandes éxitos, sacó 2 sencillos de sus 3 canciones grabadas para el CD: What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before) y su versión de la canción de Kool & The Gang, Celebration. En 1993, Minogue firma un contrato con Deconstruction Records, y comenzó la grabación de su próximo álbum.

Kylie Minogue, lanzado en 1994, fue muy bien recibido por sus fans, sacando 3 éxitos como sencillos: Confide In Me (nº 1 en la lista de ARIA durante 5 semanas), Put Yourself In My Place y Where Is The Feeling?, ambos sencillos entre los Top 20 de Reino Unido. También este álbum se vio como el primero cuyas canciones grabadas en las sesiones, que no aparecieron en el disco, se introdujeron a Internet.

El cantante australiano Nick Cave se mostró muy interesado por trabajar con Minogue desde el lanzamiento de Better The Devil You Know. En 1995, Minogue y Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds lanzaron Where The Wild Roses Grow, el 1º sencillo del álbum del grupo de Nick Cave, Murder Ballads. La canción ganó dos Premios ARIA por la Mejor Lanzamiento Pop y Canción del Año.

En 1997, Minogue lanza en Japón su siguiente álbum, Impossible Princess, un álbum lanzado con el nombre inspirado en una colección de poesía de Billy Childish, que debido a la reciente muerte de Diana de Gales el mismo año, podía ser malinterpretado por la gente. Por ello, Minogue decidió retrasar el lanzamiento mundial del álbum, renombrándolo "Kylie Minogue '98". Este álbum fue bastante mal aceptado por las críticas, y solo ha vendido aproximadamente 500.000 copias, pero aún fue un éxito, sobre todo en Australia y Oriente Medio.

Trabajo en Parlophone [editar]Deconstruction Records fue comprada por el sello BMG en 1993 mientras Minogue empezaba a firmar con la productora. En 1998 cerraron la empresa, por lo que Minogue se vio obligada a firmar por otro sello. En 1999 firmó por el sello Parlophone y en 2000 lanzó su álbum Light Years. Éste álbum estuvo fuertemente influenciado por los artistas de música disco de los 70's. El álbum fue muy bien aceptado, y las críticas consideraron que "tras la falla de Impossible Princess, estaba dispuesta a reinventarse con éste álbum". Rápidamente se volvió un éxito en Asia, Europa y Australia. Tras 10 años de haber alcanzado su último nº 1 en Reino Unido, Spinning Around se convierte en el consiguiente nº 1. Minogue se presentó a la ceremonia de clausura de los Juegos Olímpicos de Sydney 2000, donde realizó una presentación musical cantando su éxito On A Night Like This y una versión de la canción de ABBA, Dancing Queen, en un evento visto por aproximadamente 2.100 millones de personas en 220 países. A finales del 2000, Minogue lanza su compilación Hits+, incluyendo lo mejor de sus álbumes con Deconstruction Records con 9 canciones previamente sin lanzar.

Luego se embarcó en el On A Night Like This Tour, el tour por Australia y Reino Unido donde vendió más de 200.000 boletos, imponiendo el récord de una artista mujer. En el 2001, Minogue lanza Fever, su más exitoso álbum, y su primer sencillo del álbum, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, nº 1 en las listas de más de 20 países, y un sencillo que vendió 4.000.000 de copias estimadas. En 2002, firma para Estados Unidos con el sello Capitol Records, y se embarca en la gira KylieFever, que la tenía que traer el 20 de junio al Palau Olímpic de Badalona (Barcelona) en el que sería su primer concierto en España, pero se suspendió en el último momento por coincidir la fecha con la gran huelga general. También hace la presentación en vivo de Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head en los Brit Awards de ese año, y gana 2 premios, por Álbum Internacional, como Fever, y Artista Internacional.

En el año 2003, Minogue gana un Premios Grammy por Mejor Grabación de Dance con el tema Come Into My World después lanza Love At First Sight y en Noviembre, la revista Music Week publicó: "Kylie se prepara para lanzar el álbum que muchas de las divas del Pop quisieran haber hecho". Regresa con un nuevo álbum: Body Language, un álbum que presenta un estilo nuevo de música y una nueva imagen, inspirada en el ícono de los 60's Brigitte Bardot. Adjunto a su lanzamiento, Minogue presenta su álbum en el concierto con invitación Money Can't Buy, en el Hammersmith Apollo, en Londres. Su primer sencillo, Slow, fue considerada una de las "canciones más sexies en la historia de la música". También fue nominado a los Premios Grammy.

En en 2004 Minogue volvió a ganar en los Premios Grammy la categoría Mejor Grabación de Danza, por su éxito Come Into My World. Ese año, la revista Entertainment Weekly publicó en un artículo: "Minimalismo Dance, es todo lo que Britney Spears y Madonna quieren, ya que sus fríos y mecánicos sencillos no hacen nada por ellas - escurridizo, seductivo e impresionante, ¡Body Language el mejor álbum Dance/Pop del año!; y la edición americana de ELLE nombra a Body Language como "El álbum que Madonna debió haber hecho".

Para celebrar sus 17 años de carrera musical, Minogue sacó a la venta la colección Ultimate Kylie, que sobrépaso la cantidad de los compilados de Greatest Hits y Hits+, una compilación con las canciones que marcaron su carrera durante las últimas 2 décadas, presentando dos éxitos internacionales lanzados en sencillos: I Believe In You (nominada a los Grammy), de 2004, y Giving You Up, del 2005. Luego, en Marzo, Minogue se embarca en la gira Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour, para promocionar Ultimate Kylie por Europa, Asia, y Australia. Sólo alcanzó a realizar la gira por Europa cuando en Australia se le diagnosticó cáncer de mama en Mayo.

Cáncer [editar]El 17 de mayo de 2005, Minogue anunció que padece cáncer de mama en fase temprana, que la obligó a suspender su gira mundial mientras recibía un tratamiento médico en Melbourne, Australia. Aun así, llegó al récord de 27 noches de lleno total sólo en el Reino Unido y la mujer con más noches totalmente vendidas en las arenas Earls Court de Londres y N.E.C.C. de Birmingham.

Minogue entró a la sala de cirugía el 21 de mayo en el Hospital Católico Cabrini en Malvern, Victoria. El Primer Ministro de Australia, John Howard, entregó un reporte de su estado de salud. Varios fans de la cantante se amontonaron en los alrededores de la residencia de los Minogue, y el Premier de Victoria, Steve Bracks, señalo que cualquier violación a los derechos de privacidad de la cantante y su familia no serán tolerados, además de criticar duramente a los paparazzi. Varios amigos de la cantante, entre ellos, Olivia Newton-John (que en particular también tuvo su propia batalla contra el cáncer de mama), hicieron un llamado a la comunidad para respetar la privacidad de Minogue.

Tras la operación, Minogue señalo agradecer a sus fans por su preocupación, e hizo su primera aparición pública tras la cirugía el 8 de junio, en el Hospital Infantil Real de Melbourne, visitando a niños con cáncer. Hasta entonces, Minogue comenzó una quimioterapia y viajó a Francia, donde se alojó en el Instituto Gustave Roussy, en Villejuif, donde completó su tratamiento. En Diciembre, Minogue lanza su sencillo Over The Rainbow, un lanzamiento digital, de su gira.

Su DVD Kylie Showgirl, que salió a la venta a finales del 2005, debutó en la primera posición en Australia, llegando a triple platino en sólo tres semanas. Durante su tratamiento, Minogue escribió el libro La Princesa del Espectáculo, que fue lanzado en Octubre del 2006, y su perfume, Darling, fue lanzado en Noviembre. Su interrupción de la gira Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour la obligó a suspender sus conciertos en Australia y cancelar sus conciertos en Asia, donde estaban confirmadas las ciudades de Singapur, Bangkok y Hong Kong durante el mes de Junio. Por ello, Minogue decide regresar a su gira, esta vez bajo el nombre de Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour, exclusivamente para Australia y Reino Unido, y la media reportó durante Junio del 2006, que la cantante empezó a asistir a las sesiones de grabación de su nuevo álbum, que marcaría el regreso de la cantante a su trabajo.

Regreso [editar]El 11 de noviembre del 2006, Minogue regresa a la gira Showgirl: Homecoming Tour, donde bromeó y río con sus fans, y que lloró tras dedicarle su canción Specially For You a su padre, un superviviente del cáncer de próstata. La siguiente noche, Bono, el vocalista de U2, apareció y canto a dúo la canción Kids, por estar la banda en su gira Vertigo. También Dannii Minogue, la hermana, apareció en una seguidilla de presentaciones. El 31 de diciembre del 2006, fue vista en el show de año nuevo de la Wembley Arena de Londres, tras pasar la Navidad con su familia.

El 13 de enero del 2007, Minogue debió posponer una presentación por una moderadamente severa infección respiratoria, y el 23 de enero realizó tal presentación. Para celebrar 20 años de carrera desde que The Loco-Motion se puso en el nº 1 de ls lista, el 3 de agosto, realizó una fiesta privada.

El 21 de septiembre del 2007, el sitio web oficial de Minogue anunció: «¡La espera, por fin se acabó! El 26 de noviembre, Minogue lanza X, su primer álbum después de 4 años». El álbum, su décimo, muestra 13 nuevas canciones, y fue grabado en Londres, Estocolmo e Ibiza. Entre los productores, se encuentran antiguos colaboradores, como Guy Chambers, Cathy Dennis y Richard Stannard, tanto como nuevos integrantes del equipo, tales como Bloodshy & Avant, Calvin Harris y Edwin "Lil' Eddie" Serrano. El primer sencillo del álbum fue 2 Hearts, lanzado en Reino Unido el 12 de noviembre. La canción empezó a ser tocada en la radio desde el 10 de octubre, al mismo tiempo que comenzó la promoción del sencillo.

Conjunto con su nuevo lanzamiento, Minogue presenta el documental White Diamond, dirigido por su amigo y estilista William Baker. Habla de la enfermedad que la mantuvo fuera de los escenarios y su regreso a los mismos con la gira Showgirl Homecoming que abarcó Australia y Reino Unido. El 10 de noviembre del 2007, fue transmitido en ITV 1, el especial El Show de Kylie, un programa de una hora en donde interpretó por primera vez las canciones de X. Algunas de las escenas más notables fueron divertidas actuaciones como el hecho de que a Jason Donovan le costara reconocer a Kylie y una pelea de hermanas con Dannii Minogue. El show tuvo una audiencia de 5,03 millones de televidentes.

El 28 de noviembre, Minogue anunció una nueva gira internacional, KYLIEX2008. Los boletos para el evento del Reino Unido se vendieron rápidamente en sólo 30 minutos. El 11 de diciembre del 2007 participó en el Concierto del Premio Nobel de la Paz en Oslo, Noruega, y luego cantó en Factor X con el eventual ganador, Leon Jackson, cuyo mentor fue la hermana de Minogue.

A finales de Diciembre, se anunció que Minogue estaba en la Lista de Honores de Año Nuevo 2008 de la Reina Isabel II del Reino Unido, y Minogue fue premiada con la OBE por sus servicios a la música.

In my Arms y Wow fueron los segundos sencillos simultáneos para X, publicados en febrero de 2008. El primero fue promocionado en todo el mundo mientras que Wow alcanzó la quinta posición en Reino Unido además de ser interpretado en la ceremonia de los Brit Awards en donde ganó por segunda ocasión el premio por Mejor Solista Internacional. En Estados Unidos el álbum X fue lanzado en el mes de abril de 2008, teniendo como primer sencillo promocional All I See, con la particularidad que el mismo presenta la voz del rapero MIMS ; dicha colaboración aparece como Bonus Track en la versión estadounidense del álbum. Kylie estuvo en los shows estadounidenses Dancing With The Stars y The Ellen Show, entre otros, promocionando su último lanzamiento musical.

En Abril de 2008 el cantante Mexicano Aleks Syntek une su voz para una versión dueto de In My Arms de Kylie Minogue donde Aleks adapta algunas partes de la canción. Este tema se lanza a las radios la semana del 27 de Abril y el track será incluido en la edición especial para Latinoamérica del Album X y también será lanzada en una recopilación de éxitos de Aleks Syntek. El cantante mexicano comentó que este fue un mutuo acuerdo en el que, cuando Kylie Minogue visitara México, él partiparia con ella en la promoción y viceversa.

El 3 de junio de 2008, Kylie ofreció un show en vivo en Madrid, hecho histórico para el público Español pues suponía su primera actuación en España, tras dos décadas de carrera. Luego Kylie extenderia su gira y visitaria en el mes de noviembre con su tour varios paises de suramerica por primera vez, entre ellos Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brasil, Chile y Argentina.

Kylie recibió, a principios de Julio, la condecoración del OBE por parte del Príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra.

Princesa del pop [editar]Kylie Minogue es conocida como 'princesa del pop' (pop princess) en Reino Unido, Francia, Noruega, Finlandia, Alemania, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Rusia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turquia, Austria , Dubai, China, Japón, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, y en menor medida en Hungría y en los países Bálticos (Estonia, Latvia y Lituania). Pero debido a su poco reconocimiento mundial con sus sencillos, Britney Spears es considerada la autentica princesa del pop.

Carrera en el cine [editar]En 1989 Kylie protagonizó en The Delinquents, la historia de una joven creciendo en la Australia de finales de los años 50. El estreno coincidió con su popularidad en Neighbours y, a pesar de comentarios burlones sobre la película y la actuación de Minogue por parte de la crítica, fue un éxito de taquilla. Apareció como Cammy en la película de acción Street Fighter: Ultimate Battle (1994) basada en la serie de videojuegos de lucha del mismo nombre (de hecho, el personaje de Cammy está basado en ella) y donde se le ligó sentimentalmente al actor belga Jean Claude Van Damme, cosa que ella negó. El filme no ayudó a su carrera y su actuación recibió duras críticas. Siguientes películas como Bio-Dome (1996), Sample People y Cut (ambas del 2000) no lograron atraer a la audiencia.

El director australiano Baz Luhrmann, impresionado por su gira Intimate and Live, escogió a Kylie para la película Moulin Rouge (2001) donde interpretó a Absinthe, el Hada Verde, cantando una línea de The Sound of Music.

Películas [editar]Año Titul Personaje
1989 The Delinquents (Los Delicuentes) Lola Lovell
1994 Street Fighter (lit. Calle Luchadora) Cammy
1995 Hayride to Hell (Hayride al Infierno) - cortometraje The Girl
1996 Misfit (Inadaptados)- cortometraje
1996 Bio-Dome (Bio-Domo) Dra. Petra von Kant
1997 Diana & Me (Diana y Yo) Ella misma
2000 Cut (Cortar) Hilary Jacobs
2000 Sample People (Gente Sencilla) Jess
2001 Moulin Rouge! La Hada Verde
2005 The Magic Roundabout (es conocido como Doogal en America, Canadá, y México) (película animada) Florence (voz)
2007 White Diamond Ella misma
2009 Blue cantante

Televisión [editar]Año Título Personaje
1979 The Sullivans Carla
1980 Skyways Robin
1985 The Henderson Kids Charlotte "Char" Kernow
1985 La Familia del Zoológico (episodio "Yvonne La Terrible") Yvonne
1986 Fame And Misfortune (Fama y Desgracia) Samantha Collins
1986-1988 Neighbours (Vecinos) Charlene Robinson
1995 The Vicar of Dibley (El Vicario de Dibley) Ella misma
1997 Men Behaving Badly (lit. Mala Actitud de Hombre) Ella misma
2002 Saturday Night Live (Sábado por la Noche) Ella misma
2004 Kath & Kim (episode "99% Fat Free") Grown-up Epponnee-Rae Craig/Ella misma
2007 Doctor Who (episodio "Voyage of the Damned") Astrid Peth
2009 Horne & Corden (Series 1: Episodio Cinco) Ella misma

Discografía Artículo principal: Discografía de Kylie Minogue
Álbumes de Estudio
1988: Kylie
1989: Enjoy Yourself
1990: Rhythm of Love
1991: Let's Get To It
1994: Kylie Minogue
1997: Impossible Princess
2000: Light Years
2001: Fever
2004: Body Language
2007: X
2010: Sophisticated (rumor)[4]
Grandes Éxitos
1992: Greatest Hits
2000: Hits+
2002: Confide in Me
2003: Greatest Hits 1987-1999
2003: Grestest Hits 1987-1997
2004: Kylie Minogue: Artist Collection
2004: Ultimate Kylie
2006: Ultimate Kylie(Re-Release Spercial Edition)
2007: Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie

Álbumes de Remixes
1988: The Kylie Collection
1989: Kylie's Remixes Volume 1
1992: Kylie's Remixes Volume 2
1993: Kylie's Non-Stop History 50+1
1993: Greatest Remix Hits 1
1993: Greatest Remix Hits 2
1998: Mixes
1998: Impossible Remixes
1998: Greatest Remix Hits 3
1998: Greatest Remix Hits 4
2004: Megamix (Limited Edition)
2009: Boombox: [The Remix Album 2000-2009]
Álbumes en Vivo
1998: Intimate and Live
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